Site Rules & Where to Find Us

To help find the site here's a handy google map to the front gate!

The day will start with a safety briefing at 09:30 unless stated otherwise stated on the events page. If you want to play you MUST attend the safety brief otherwise you may be turned away if there are no staff available to back brief you.

In the area your eye protection must be kept ON at all times. Failure to do so will put yourself at danger and demonstrates an unwillingness to follow the rules which could result in you been ejected from the site.

Pro Airsoft Events does NOT tolerate bullying or overly aggressive play. Gobbing off at players on site will get you taken off it pretty quickly. If you do have issues with another player find a marshal to take care of it. If they don't take it up with the events manager or his 2IC (Normally Griff & Chris/Theo).

FPS Limits And Specialist Weapon Use

The FPS limits are:

AEG/GBBR Fully Auto: 350 FPS 

DMR's: 450 FPS

DMR's must be locked to semi only. Do not spam your trigger (More than 1 round every 2 seconds) or you will be banned from using them. MED 20 Meters.

Bolt Actions: 500 FPS

MED 30 Meters

If you are using a gun with a MED we heavily encourage that you use some form of sidearm.

Explosive pyro has a 5 meter kill radius and if used in a room takes out the whole room with no cover bonus. TAG rounds are allowed and follow the same rules thrown explosive pyro.


Battlesim days run a little differently than a skirmish and this is to promote deeper teamwork and to enhance the realism.

When you are hit in a Battlesim day you are not immediately out of the fight instead you are wounded. Hit the ground where you were shot and shout for a medic. On your person you will carry one white bandage. If you are wearing a helmet and body armour you can carry a second. These white bandages can be applied by any member of the squad. If both of these have been used then you will require a medic to get you back in the fight by tying a red bandage on your arm. If you are not in a firefight then a medic can replace a white bandage with a red one to simulate them treating the wound properly. You can then use your white bandage again. Each squad will have one medic.

When the squad is reduced to 75% causalities (wounded players on the ground) and there is little chance of getting members back in the fight immediately they must fall back to either a HQ, FOB or Rally Point. This is referred to as the squad becoming “Combat Ineffective” as morale has broken. Any members of the squad that were wounded when fall back was issued must stay in location as dead bodies. This is because they may be carrying intel that the enemy has to search the bodies for (It also helps with immersion!), once the enemy has left the enemy has left the area or after a few minutes has passed the dead players may rejoin the rest of their squad.

To search dead enemy approach the body and declare that you are searching the body. The dead player must declare truthfully if he/her is carrying anything that the enemy is searching for. There is no need to go rooting through other peoples kit.

Each Squad will have a radio issued to them to stay in touch with command. The squad leader does not have to be the person to use this and they can issue it to another squad member to become the radio operator. Please keep the command net clear of all communications that are not important.

A rally point is a backpack with your teams flag in it. To create a rally point to spawn and reload off the bag must be placed on the floor and the flag pulled out. The rally point is now active and can be used by anyone in your team. When you spawn off a rally point have a 360* look around. If you can see enemy you cannot spawn on it. To destroy an enemy rally point put the flag back in the bag (DON’T HIDE IT OR TAKE IT AWAY!). The backpack must be taken back to the FOB before it can be deployed again. Dead players can return it if they find it destroyed.

If you find yourself raiding the enemy FOB do not interfere with any personal kit in it. The only action you can take is to lower the flag. Once this is done the FOB is considered out of action for a period of 10 minutes. Once this is achieved immediately vacate the area as your mission is considered complete and enemy artillery will no doubt shell the area if one of their FOB’s fall. If your FOB is destroyed you can still spawn off rally points however if these have been knocked out as well you won’t be able to re-join the fight for 10 minutes so keep these things safe!

No man goes to war alone! Remember to keep with your squad. If you're found lone wolfing it you'll be sent back to your HQ until your squad comes back to get you!

Any further specialist rules will be given to you on the day if needs be and the rest of the rules will be explained and demonstrated to you.