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Image of Broken Future - PAE Big Weekender!

Broken Future - PAE Big Weekender!


Come on down to PAE's first weekender! We're going to be running two days of our "Tactical Skirmish" games that you all know and love. This year we're going with a futuristic theme so try and make a bit of an effort to fit the theme but don't sweat it if you can't! For inspiration check out Alex Jessups artwork online. There will also be a BBQ on the Saturday night so we can all have a end of Summer party.

Quick Update: We're gonna add in the medic & squads rules but keep ammo limits out. The day will be several games with breaks in between.

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Broken Future


The wealthy nation of the UAR has fallen. Through a series of natural disasters and human rights violations the working class has risen up in revolt against the ruling classes. For the United States the situation is a total disaster, with the UAR supplying most of the country with it’s rare earth mineral Unobtanium. Never to be seen as the imperial aggressor the Americans have deployed a light infantry force into the region to try and stabilize the situation. The ruling elite however have seen this as an act of aggression and have hired the private military company known as “Hydra Security Group” to keep the Americans out of the Unobtanium mineral reserves and to put down the ongoing rebellion. American intelligence has tracked a buildup of HSG troops in what is believed to be a Unobtanium mining station known as Comms 3. A crack spec ops team has been sent to the area to requisition the station and if the members of the ruling elite are found there to liquidate them before media crews catch up to the fighting. What exactly are HSG’s intentions are though is anyone’s guess at this point.

Game Specific Rules

There won't be any ammo limits but there is squad & medic rules for this game. Camo restrictions are in place. Hydra Security Group will be wearing no camo whatsoever and the US Spec Ops can wear any camo.

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